Our Services

Management Consulting

Government and commercial organizations face increasing pressure to control spending while simultaneously improving services while aggressively pursuing a variety of strategic initiatives. In the public sector, as well as government, leaders must manage their organizations for greater accountability, transparency, and spending efficiency. Business executives are obligated to find ways to reduce costs while mitigating risk, and innovating to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and regulations.

Advanced Technology Consulting

Intelliverse Solution Technology consulting services provide clients with highly skilled experts and engineers who maintain a profound knowledge of industry leading technologies. Our consultants combine their specialized expertise with the firm’s demonstrated problem-solving approach, ensuring that we understand a client’s mission, goals and objectives. Our consulting approach, combined with client insight and technology intelligence, provides us with the unique ability to design, develop and implement the optimal technology solution for the client.

Security Consulting Services

ISG is at the forefront of helping solve National Security challenges. We understand the dynamic threat environment, the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities, as well as the challenge of protecting data, assets, and operations from advanced persist threats.ISG delivers critical thinking and advanced solutions for today’s demanding and rapidly changing security environment. These environments require discipline, agility, and the ability to solve both traditional and non-traditional security challenges.

  • Cybersecurity & Information Services
  • Specialized Security Support & Infrastructure Protection

Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Analysis

Our Intelligence Analysts expertly prepare reports for a variety of audiences that reflect outstanding critical thinking, comprehensive grasp of world events and the information needs of our customers. Our information gathering capabilities, insights on information interpretation and data research consistently provide tactical and strategic advantages to our customers.

Linguist and Translation Services

Intelliverse Solutions offers a comprehensive set of language services to the federal, state, and local government. Source material is processed in a wide variety of formats: handwritten, typewritten, and electronically or digitally produced documents; microfilm; audio; video; and web-based content. We provide skilled linguists at all clearance levels that are rigorously tested on both their knowledge of the language and their translation skills. Intelliverse Solutions linguists have diverse backgrounds, all are vetted and U.S. citizens, and include former active duty, retired, and reserve military, and government employees, independent contract linguists, and linguists from partnering vendor companies.